Michael dove right in to this thrilling Powercast!
“We have not yet been successful in bringing down the Word of Faith Movement. But we have been successful at bringing down a very large denomination that most people nowadays don’t even remember. It was Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God (“Armstrongism”) … Back in the early ’90s my tapes about law versus grace got in there. That was what their denomination was all about, the old testament rituals. That was their ‘undoing’. They were so well-versed in the old testament of the Hebrew Scriptures that when I came along and starting showing the fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures, they fell completely apart.”
So began a celebration of the vitality of the Hebrew Scriptures, and about reading them and the entirety of the Bible in context, all from the Gospel vantage point!
“It was love that brought humanity the law. Its restrictions instituted temporarily led the whole world to everlasting freedom! All the Hebrew Scriptures lead to the truth, which is a person, which is the person of Jesus Christ!”
Daniel regales us with stories of Rhema Bible College and how reading in context saved his life. Then the guys recap Micah Chapter 4 and rehearse Micah 5 regarding the “Little Town of Bethlehem and the details of the prophecies of the death of Christ. We rejoice in Micah’s merciful conclusion in Chapter 7.
Just like true scientists, we’re wanting to know the truth and are ready at any moment to be proven wrong. All for the the sake of the humanity who is now God in the Earth! So powerful, this Gospel of Peace and Grace!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220527 Demolishing Denominations: The Effect of Reading in Context