“Living in a world of chance is living in a world of peace…Everything from Creation to the Cross was predestined. Ever since the Cross, nothing has been!” from Michael Lilborn Williams’ remarkable monologue in this week’s Powercast.
Do we have your attention, yet?
The podcast commences with the guys talking about Michael’s “war on old age” and Daniel’s fascination with the song “Imagine”.
Then we rehearse the importance of understanding what Malachi 3:5 actually says and means. As it turns out, God does change (paradigms and approaches).
We continue to “redeem” the Hebrew Scriptures and demonstrating its power!
The fellas move through Micah 4
uncovering two dramatic understandings.
We learn:
  • Who is the Daughter of Zion
  • Where was the actual specific birthplace of Christ
These precise details of Christ’s life are outlined in the very Hebrew Scriptures some are trying to discredit, and are going to save your soul, AGAIN!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220513 Migdal Eder - The Birthplace Of The King