Our celebration of the Hebrew Scriptures (and more importantly what they reveal) continues with this fresh freedom-loving foray into all things Gospel.
The show commences with a big announcement regarding a GR vocabulary change. The guys go deep about how vitally important are the legitimacy of the Hebrew Scriptures.
Michael went off! “If the Hebrew Scriptures are not valid, then the Cross is not valid! If we miss the Hebrew Scriptures, we miss our ability to end all war. The Hebrew Scriptures are all about conflict resolution. There is no conflict resolution in Christianity or Mysticism. The ultimate conflict was resolved at the Cross. Throw away the Hebrew Scriptures, and you throw away our ability to study war no more!”
Michael and Daniel rehearse our current understanding of the mirror comparison visa vise imputed righteousness and imputed sin. We also take a long look at being MADE sin and righteous.
Then we review a message sent to us regarding the difference between debate and dialogue. We examine our methods of research which includes debate and dialogue of doctrines — which to some seems like “bad” behavior.
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220429 Doctrine, Debate & Dialogue