“The Gospel requires nothing from you. The Gospel gets into the way you think, and suddenly you ‘wake-up’ with ‘these changes’. The worst person you ever lied to wasn’t your Mama. The worst person I ever lied to was myself!”
So commenced Michael on this power-packed Powercast. One which WILL save your soul guaranteed or your money back. LOL.
“Christianity taught me to lie to myself!”
We start off the first half of the show explaining our processes of research and comparative teaching style. It is ALL about saving the soul! Our Founder and President even exclaimed, “If you can find another group that helps your soul better than the GR, listen to them!”
People change their minds all the time, it’s not a spiritual thing, Either that change of mind saves the soul or it does not. We hear how what Michael shared with Glenn Klein saved him from suicide. (Glenn’s appreciative conclusion.)
Then we introduce a new study following up on the lack of imputed righteousness subject — the difference between imputed sin and being made sin.
We have more questions than answers, perhaps you can help? Nevertheless, some great understanding is brought forth and the brilliant study proceeds!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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