This incredibly power-packed Powercast podcast commences with some GR business, some silliness, and the classic Don Beres Bartlett bit on Christianity’s “Rules!”
Then we board the Gospel Revolution train with Michael conducting in a magnificent way. “We have needed a whole new vocabulary, and it’s all Daniel’s fault!”
The train rolls on with Michael recognizing “we need to play catch-up”. Daniel adds, “Christianity forced us to answer the ‘wrong’ questions”!
We are sharpening our understanding of many, many topics and becoming more precise in our terminology. This is not an easy process. We really need to give our brains a chance to “rewire”. 
Get ready to transform your own terminology AND your understanding!
A GR YouTube subscriber attempts to correct our stance on the “Promises of God”. We consider Elon Musk regarding convergent logic and Brian’s comment that we are being embarrassingly judgmental. Be ready for a life-changing ride, folks!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220415 Diverging From Convergent Logic