This hot-of-the-presses Powercast commences with Michael reminiscing about being at the forefront of the “Jesus” and “Word of Faith” movements with men like Norvel Hayes – even before Kenneth Hagin founded Rhema Bible College in Oklahoma.
Then we learn why, as Michael began to share the actual Gospel Peace and Grace, someone commented, “Wherever Mike Williams goes, churches close.” Also, why over the years pastors seem to have been the Gospel’s “primary victims”.
“Honesty causes Christianity to collapse…Denial is not freedom. Denial is not truth”. Michael and Daniel lay it all out on the line for the world to hear!
These secrets of former “Word of Faith” pastors expose the lies they shared personally and falsehoods they saw all around them.
Daniel tells about studying Benny Hinn’s ministry in order to get miracles in his service, times when he and other pastors shared honestly about “it” not working and confesses he told many lies himself.
Why do honest men and women, who sincerely want to help others, tell such devastating lies?
Michael lets us know how he got caught up in “hypnosis” while preaching, regretting what he had said even before he sat down and about “seeing” angles.
Knowing all of humanity was born righteous versus being imputed with righteousness and then comparing THE promise of God as opposed with the multiple promises of God has freed our thinking allowing us to be even more honest.
Mental and emotional stability is a wonderful prize of life, is it not?
Not having depression, anxiety attacks, mood swings and other mental illness are so effectively dealt with by CPRing (Consistently, Persistently and Repetitively) meditating THE truth of the Good News!
Please remember, truth is only truth if it is applicable to ALL people. God’s righteousness for ALL regardless of faith or behavior is just that – THE truth!
Yay God!!! Yay Jesus!!! Yay You!!!
Christianity, religion, legalism and divisiveness are all exposed and freedom in Christ is revealed! Get ready…


Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220408 Confessions of Two Ex-Word of Faith Pastors