The show opens with the guys recapping our newfound understanding about the difference between imputed righteousness which came through personal faith and the whole world being made righteous through the faith of Jesus Christ.
Michael shares a brief conversation he had with a small group of pastors who have been studying this understanding and their response and says some things which will be shocking to some ears.
“To know your belief is not holding your world together, is freedom indeed…The moment you have the ‘freedom’ to blame someone else, even if it’s their ‘fault’, please don’t take it. Please don’t transfer the blame. Because as soon as you do that, you have lost your power to do anything about it!”.
The boys are challenged by Mel Martin regarding Daniel’s comment that we are no longer “sheep who have gone astray”. We have not been forgiven! We never needed to be!
Mel’s challenge opened up a whole new world of understanding to better explain the Gospel. Michael also uses the American Revolution and his ancestors involvement in it, as a beautiful analogy of our position in Christ.
We don’t need to start where the characters portrayed in the Scriptures started. Why? Because we are not where they were. We were NOT redeemed or made righteous. They were! Jesus didn’t die for OUR griefs, sorrorws or iniquities! We were born FREE! Hallelujah! ALL glory to Christ!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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