Michael has started a new trend. He is starting to ask AND answer some profound questions. Like when he asked Daniel midway through this historic podcast, “You know what we’re doing now? Changing the frickin’ world, that’s what!” Daniel wholeheartedly concurred. And so will YOU!
When you listen to this show, you will hear things you have never heard before AND that may have never been said – ever – until now! Listen and you’ decide.
It commences with a discussion of the absolute eradication of sin. Why sin does not exist anymore. But what about evil acts. If those aren’t sinful, what are they? And why we don’t teach that hell is real.
Promises! Many people spend their entire lives searching for the promises of God. This is addressed in a powerful way. They guys describe how much turmoil it leads to and how they are “tumors in the brain” of humanity.
Are there multiple promises of God? Are we waiting for the promise(s) or is it here?
These are among the questions asked AND answered.
Get ready for life-saving brain surgery!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220318 The Promises Of God, A Tumor On The Brain