This brand new bona fide instant Powercast classic commences with Michael and Daniel discussing the wonderful “Dear Don” letters we have been receiving. Please add yours today here!
Then a discussion ensues about the importance of our GR’s around the world interacting more with the Bonus Room Study videos and our social networking in general. It even causes Michael to consider a drastic action!
We finally do our deep dive into Romans Chapter 8, and all we can say is WOW! Was it ever worth the wait!!!
“If you’re looking for the ‘original design’ doctrine, there is only one bible on the planet you can read. Don’t be duped! It does not exist in any other bible on the planet”, asserts Michael.
Following up on last week’s Roman Road, spot checking chapters 1-7, Michael starts by proposing a new thought regarding Adam and Ezekiel 28. 
The spotlight then focuses on Romans 8! We examine what it means to walk in the spirit and what it means to walk in the flesh. Paul clearly explains who is in the flesh and who is in the spirit and how Jesus dealt with the flesh.
All of these understandings set the stage for the real manifestation of the Sons of God!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220218 Exposing The Manifest Sons Of God Teaching "Romans 8 - The Flesh Is Dead"