Daniel recently sent this text to Michael: “We have to reteach Romans all over again!”
This new Powercast is brimming with fun, power, revelation and understanding. It commences with Michael reminiscing about his times attending the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
Then he reminds us that “your brain runs well on the Gospel”. And that it can lead to recovering from mental illness. “I can’t think of a better example of recovering from mental illness than God himself. It was perhaps the first ‘fatal attraction’. But this one concluded positively. I am so excited that God was crazier than me! God learned what it was like to be human through Christ. Now we’re learning what it is like to be God in Christ!”
Eventually, Daniel gets us back on the “Roman Road”. Take a walk with us. We are not traveling on it to become a “believer”. It is a brief but tremendous synopsis of the first seven chapters of the Book of Romans.
This road leads us to the unveiling of what the “Manifest Sons of God” really is all about in Romans Chapter 8. You won’t be surprised to discover, this is not what you will hear from Bill Nugent, Don Keathley, etc,
Join us for an amazing stroll!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220211 Exposing The Manifest Sons of God Teaching: The Roman Road