A revealing discussion on the mental illness of organized religion opens this phenomenal episode. Michael, as always, calls it like it is. “They’re righteous and holy, but they are stupid!”
Early on, Daniel chimes in with “Humans didn’t only change at the Cross. God changed the way he is living, because now he is living through us”. This led to a give-and-take on the miraculous world we now live in including the coming miracles of kidney transplants from pigs to people (which may help Michael), self-driving vehicles and many others.
Christianity is exposed as Daniel shares some quotes from modern day “fire and brimstone” preachers, Michael articulates some of the ill effects of the Christian faith.
Sadly, all of this is still plaguing our planet. However, this is why we are so motivated to spread the Gospel far and wide!
You may be happy to learn, this is the final session reviewing Bill Nugent’s article on the “Manifestation of the Sons of God and the Resurrection of the Dead”. We focus on the resurrection of the dead. Bill describes a very sci-fi like event that will happen before the return of Christ with the ultimate “manifestation”. This is so outlandish, the guys could hardly read it without laughing! Still, with a swift comparison of biblical context, Bill’s theory is blown out of the water.
Get ready to be baptized (immersed) anew in the soul-cleansing power of the Good News!


Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220204 Exposing The Manifest Sons Of God Teaching: The Resurrection of the Dead