“If you don’t know the Scriptures as defined by Christ, you don’t know the Power of God!”
It would be be an understatement to say the guys hit the ground running on this brand new Powercast.
Michael opens up talking about the snare of a personal relationship with Jesus, “led” by the “voice” of the Holy Spirit. This always leads to severe and tragic disappointment. “You do not and cannot change your belief or behavior to change who you are in Christ!!”
We continue in Bill Nugent’s article regarding the manifestation of the sons of God. Focusing on what Bill calls the “Thrice Hagion” or how to become “more holy”, reminds Daniel of a time he heard a preacher say, “If you just need two or three witnesses, I can easily go to the Scriptures and ‘prove’ we should be nudists”.
Michael continues, “God did NOT know you before you were conceived OR did he form you in the womb. Two people had intercourse and out you came! When you think your life was predestined, your life is going to turn to caca!”
Get ready to be thrice renewed in your soul (at least)!!!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220128 Exposing The Manifest Sons of God Teaching: "The Thrice Hagion"