The Boys come out strong in this hot-off-the-presses Powercast.
“Christianity hijacked the Gospel!” Michael opines at the opening.
We hear our guys reminisce about all GR’s discoveries and accomplishments during 2021. Daniel shares about losing a personal relationship with Jesus and what that changes.
An amazing discussion ensures on an article about the Rabbinical Shepherds of Bethlehem (you can read it here). “This answers questions I’ve had for over 50 years,” said Michael after hearing the article. This is further proof of the absolute valididty of the actual Scriptures and why the Gospel Revolution holds them so dear. “Please never give up on the Scriptures, folks.” Michael implores us.
The exposition on the Manifestation of the Sons of God continues examining the word of faith, discipleship and deliverance movements. Daniel shares a dramatic and very personal story about the death of his mom regarding the Manifest Sons teaching. It leaves Michael speechless.
Please prepare yourself for more soul-cleansing, mind-renewing, paradigm-shifting truth of the Gospel!
Much Love to You and Yours in the New Year and Always!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
220107 Exposing The Manifest Sons of God Teaching: Discipleship and Deliverance