“Do you know how wonderful it is to laugh about what broke us? Mind, soul and body. It broke us. And now we get to laugh about it.” said Michael in the Gospel Revolution’s 2021 Christmas Special.
Daniel and Michael do indeed laugh in bunches but (per usual) pull no punches. They deliver your Christmas present of soul-saving and mind-renewing truth. Not least of which, we find out what Christ did NOT gain for us!
The show commences with the unique GR celebration of the birth of the Messiah which you may only hear here.
“And On Earth Peace…” The angels declared it but unfortunately almost all misquote it and don’t understand its impact.
Then the Guys’ exposition continues as they work through the article written by Bill Nugent,“The Manifestation of the Sons of God and the Resurrection of the Dead”.
They discuss how much hyperbole surrounds this teaching, leaving us guessing as to what signs manifest sons will manifest. Though Bill says this shouldn’t be a movement of elitism, he also declares that only 144,000 will manifest as the Sons of God! He clearly states this status will not be achieved by every “believer”.
This Christmas enjoy your righteousness and this love letter to you and yours!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
211224 Exposing The Manifest Sons of God Teaching: Hyperbole and Elitism