Daniel joins Michael in the Secret City for the next few Powercasts!
This week they begin a diagnosis of an article written by Bill Nugent, “The Manifestation of the Sons of God and the Resurrection of the Dead”.
The show commences with Michael welcoming Daniel to Tennessee, recommending the classic law vs grace film “Dead Poet Society” starring Robin Williams.
Then our guys get into a bunch of “one verse wonder” doctrines. This renunciation of the “Dead Religion Society” leads to comparing the teachings presented in Bill Nugent’s article to the Scriptures and Michael offering an all-expenses paid trip AND $10,000 to anyone who would come and manifest healing for his sister Gale as you may remember is suffering from Alzheimer’s.
The “doctrine” of the Manifest Sons of God teaches personal holiness, miracle working, personal sanctification, and how only a small group of people will manifest as Sons of God. You can view the entire article discussed here.
This discussion immensely illuminates the truth of the Gospel. Get ready for your soul’s “dose of the Holy Ghost” as we CPR the Good News anew!!!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
211217 Exposing The Manifest Sons of God Teaching: Personal Holiness