This week’s Powercast Podcast opens-up with Michael and Daniel enjoying our new Gospel Revolution opening and closing theme song by Angel Gabriel Chiclana. It is 100% pure Gospel! Wait until to hear it!!!
Then the Guys continue with benefits of the C.P.R. of the Gospel, specifically, living free of guilt and judgment. We learn why Michael doesn’t feel guilt even when wronging someone else, but what he does feel.
Our brains come under scrutiny. We discover why “Peter was dumb as a box of rocks” and the resulting freedom which is produced in our brains and what that process may portend.
Michael introduces an upcoming study regarding “The Manifest Sons of God”. This is a teaching which has discredited the work of the Cross and has left humanity waiting to “become” something more.
We visit the “Faith Hall of Fame” in Hebrews 11 to show all of our heroes that the Christian Mystics have discredited!
Enjoy your freedom TODAY and EVERY DAY!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
211210 Freedom From Guilt and Judgment