This fresh edition of the Powercast starts with Michael and Daniel telling their own stories and those of other GRs who escaped the mind crippling torment of “a personal gospel”. You know the one. It’s the one which requires a personal relationship with Jesus as opposed to understanding the Gospel’s true nature.
Knowing and rehearsing the Gospel’s universal and total effect on all of humanity can heal even potentially terminal mental illness. 
Before continuing the discussion in 1 Corinthians 15, Michael jumps ahead to 1 Corinthians 16 regarding a fresh discovery he which he discovered. What he found brings clearer context to the understanding of the preceding chapter.
We hear all about the Heaven-Earth and the God-Man. 
As the discussion returns to chapter 15, we learn about the doctrine that created a religion for millions of people: ‘the baptism of the dead’. 
Listen and let the Gospel set your mind free!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
211119 The Gospel, Personal or Universal?