The Boys return with a poppin’ fresh Powercast and get happy right from the get-go with Michael proclaiming, “You get to go through it (life) without….” and then states a long list of things in this life you get to go through without by understanding and meditating the true Gospel.
We hear of Michael’s decision to relinquish the care of his sister Gale to others in Tennessee, Daniel’s move and recent challenges at work in Wisconsin, and some wonderful (and funny) remembrances of the late, great Don Bartlett including a classic Bartlett bit.
Then our Dynamic Duo follow-up with a recap of the recent Calgary Grace Conference, the alloyed-god-man, the wrathful God, sons/children of God vs created man (Adam).
“God didn’t have any children in the Old Testament. He had a creation!” emphasized Michael.
Get ready for this week’s soul-saving, mind-renewing C.P.R. of the Gospel!.
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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