The Gospel Revolution and Michael Lilborn Williams have had a history of using comparatives to contrast the Gospel. In this week’s Powercast we review a few of the comparisons, allowing us to see the Gospel even more clearly. 

Michael and Daniel start out comparing the psuedographical writings to the Apostle Paul’s Gospel teachings especially those concerning church authority, government authority, family authority, and authority over slaves. 

Then they compare the teachings of Mirror Bible and Global Grace Seminary to the Scriptural teachings concerning the Gospel -which leads Michael to a desperate plea! 

Lastly, they examine Paul’s account of the division between those who supposed themselves to be the “Pillars of the Church” (James, Peter, and John), their teachings on law and grace, and Paul’s response to their hypocrisy. 

Michael wonders what it would be like if we were able to MUTE these false representations of the Gospel…

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
210402 Contrasting The Gospel