This week Michael Lilborn Williams and Daniel Thomas Rouse begin a new series examining Pseudographical Writings in the New Testament, which are portions of the New Testament written by people disguised as another. They start by examining the book of Romans, comparing the first 11 chapters with the last 5 chapters. The first 11 chapters gives a Gospel message and the last 5 give instruction about living. The Gospel message is good news (something that has happened) not instruction for living (something that has yet to happen). 

This two part message is an introduction to answering this question: Are Governing Authorities, Church Authorities, and Household Authorities aspects of the Gospel? 

Buckle up a get ready for another comparative examination of the Scriptures to the New Testament Writings and the writings of Paul compared to the pseudographical writings. 

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
210210 Is Authority A Gospel Issue? Part 1