This week we hear from several Gospel Revolutionaries. Some share how the Powercasts have helped them grow in their understating of the Gospel. Some sent in their questions. 

This week Michael Lilbron Williams and Daniel Thomas Rouse address three questions regarding eschatology; 

  1. Why does the Gospel Revolution make the claim that Jesus already came back and is not returning again? 
  2. What about the book of Revelation? Is it speaking of events that are not unfolding? 
  3. What about the afterlife? What will it be like? Will we remember our life on earth? 

In closing Michael and Daniel receive a final question that will begin our new study, next week; Is one really living in freedom when one understands there is no authority? What about Romans 13 that commands us to submit to authority? 

Listen and be apocalypsed! 

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
210205 Examining Eschatology