Global Grace Seminary Student speaks out about “The Elephant In The Room” on this week’s Powercast with Nardos Kebede.

Nardos Kebede shares his story about how he went from a Baptist Pastor’s Kid, to a Four Square Bible School Graduate, to a Pentecostal Pastor, to a drop-out student of Global Grace Seminary, all to end up as the Vice President of the Gospel Revolution!

As Michael Lilborn Williams interviews Nardos we learn about a tragic incident in Nardos’ life that forced him to face the elephant in the room and how his search for answers was not satisfied by Christianity nor Christian Mysticism.

After surviving the spiritual assault from Christianity, Nardos now breathes the air of freedom as a valued member of the Gospel Revolution.

Listen to learn how you too can survive spiritual assault!  

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
210101 The Elephant In The Room