To reenter Earth’s atmosphere, a space craft’s trajectory has to be exact. If it’s not, the ship can’t come back. So too with the Gospel. If one doesn’t thread the needle through the Scriptures, new religions are promulgated. That’s the last thing we need! Behavior modification, prayer, fasting, Old Testament rituals, and the like are all trajectories of religion.
We don’t desire religion. We want the truth! How about you?
This week Michael Lilborn Williams and Daniel Thomas Rouse discuss three different trajectories:
  • Christianity — Its trajectory has come into the atmosphere so hot they want everyone to burn! 
  • Christian Mystics — They have missed reentry into the atmosphere completely and are floating around in space. Anything goes!
  • The Gospel Trajectory — Redeeming the Gospel message, allowing all of humanity to enjoy the finished work of the Cross!
If you want to enjoy freedom and the finished work of the Cross then jump on the Gospel ship, join our mission possible, and get ready for the ride of your life! The alternative is a life-long journey of “spiritually-based” behavior modification and always missing the mark. The choice is yours.
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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