From Our “God-Was-Never-Angry” Friends:
  • You must see the Scriptures through the eyes of Love.
  • The Prophets were blinded and therefore did not accurately declare the actions, commands, and character of God.
  • Man was always perfect.
  • Jesus is simply a “revealing”.
These are lenses that many are trying to force us to see God and the Scriptures through. No thank you.
Michael, Don, and Daniel examine these lenses this week. They also share how silent five certain individuals are in regards to direct questions presented.
After removing these lenses, the Boys continue their discussion of the Gospel of Peace in Isaiah 54. Daniel discovers what the heavenly city is actually describing in the book of Revelation. Michael gets his “preach on”, and Don does what only Don can do!
Turn up the volume and get ready to see clearly! 
UPDATE: Since recording this episode, several of the individuals mentioned did end up responding. Log on next week for the continuation of this dialog! It won’t be boring!
Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
200918 Taking The Lenses Off