Recently, one of our military interrogators was asked about the techniques of torture they’re using to get information from the terrorist prisoners. We use torture or scare tactics, or the threat of them, to get people to say what we want them to say. Sound like any religious practices you may be familiar with?

You see, when one thinks about it, that’s what the evangelical world is doing, trying to get people to talk (or confess) what their religion says they must say to avoid the most horrible torture imaginable. The hell of Christianity is an exponentially worse torture than any thing Saddam Hussein, or Osama bin Laden, or Adolph Hitler, and all the despots of history could ever have come up with en masse.

So, when I heard the soldier asked about their torture strategy, his response struck a cord.

He said, “you’d be amazed at what a cup of hot chocolate on a cold night will do”.

It’s our conviction that the revolutionary gospel we preach will do more to make true believers than any thing the evangelical torturers have ever tried. Yes, I said torturers. What else could one call a worldwide conspiracy to scare people into saying what the conspirators want them to say, “I make Jesus the Lord of my life”, a statement NEVER found in the Bible. No human has ever made Jesus Lord. Jesus IS Lord, because the Father made Him Lord.

However, when one reaches out to a man or woman out in the cold, spiritually speaking, you’d be amazed at what a cup of the hot chocolate of the gospel will do.

To realize that a loving God has already done the work and redeemed you from your sin, that no matter what you have done, said, or believed that the cross of Jesus Christ has cleansed you from all unrighteousness. well, that’s a true Lover that the human heart cannot resist.

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Communicating Love,

Glenn Klein
For Mike Williams Media