After Mike’s recent admonition to “stretch it”, I began to contemplate what makes people finally make the decision to stretch, whether it be physically, intellectually, socially, or spiritually.

Remember Mike’s story? It was his tremendous back pain that practically forced him into contemplating another approach. He began to learn the benefits of stretching and to receive relief. And isn’t that what happened to us who were steeped in religiosity and legalism? The presence of pain is God’s warning system that something is seriously amiss.

The emotional agony of trying to please God through our actions causes tremendous anxiety, and disastrous results. By the way, that is exactly the end game that God’s law is supposed to produce, total helplessness is the sight of an Almighty and Righteous Creator. The Bible says so.

So, to “kick against the pricks”, as the King Jimmy version of the Bible would say, is a totally fruitless and counter productive endeavor. It’s an exercise in futility under whatever guise or flavor. “Talibanism”, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, or any other “ism” causes schisms.

The work of the cross of Christ stands opposed (and victorious by the way) to all efforts and philosophies that keep people separated. Jesus made us whole as individuals, as a race of humans, and as the family of God. Any effort on our part to somehow add to the cross actually detracts from its affect in our lives and the lives of our fellow redeemed citizens.

Jesus’ Hebrew name is Yeshua, which literally means salvation. The knowledge of our complete acceptance, redemption, and ultimate salvation only through the blood of He Who is called Salvation will set the captive mind free. It can continue a process of freedom that can lead to a life of freedom that is so marvelous it is sometimes hard to put into words.

The whole world to more or less of an extent is bound up by religious bull#%&@! The Gospel Revolution is unquestionably an antidote to the sickness of religious bigotry, hatred and the associated pain and destruction that is a supernatural byproduct of it all. Freedom is on an inexorable march. By being involved with MWM and the Gospel Revolution at whatever level you can, will have you going with the tide of history. And flowing with the tide can ultimately be devoid of pain and smothered in pleasure and peace.

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