With all the insanity going on in the Middle East, people protesting at soldiers’ funerals with signs saying “God loves dead Soldiers”, and church leaders trying to profit from it all, we thought this was a good time to touch base with you and to bring some “good news” sanity your way.

Recently while channel surfing I came across Creflo Dollar, the prosperity preacher, an apostle of Kenneth Copeland. And what came out of his mouth, the brazenness of it all, was both astonishing and revealing. But at least he was being honest about what he believes.

Seems like in the past some of these guys were a little more subtle. But now the gloves have come off.

He came right out and said it: the reason that those in his audience who were suffering from any malady physically, emotionally, financially, or relationally was because they were not right with God. He said they weren’t living right, giving enough, or praying effectively. He said that God’s answer to prayer is ALWAYS yes and that ANY negative result was because that individual was “not whole”, that God’s judgment was on them for being, well, human.

The same night I watched Hal Lindsey say that the reason Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin, Yitzchak Rabin, and Ariel Sharon respective lives and careers ended the way they did was because they had negotiated with the Palestinians and had given land back for the promise of peace, that the judgment of God was upon them for going against “the word of God”.

Needless to say, Lindsey, the author of the bestseller “The Late Great Planet Earth”, failed to mention the copious amount of mistakes and wrong predictions that he made in that book written in the 1960s. Apparently God’s judgment is only on certain people for potentially wrong actions but not on the “anointed” ministers of what can only be called pabulum. And, by the way, Lindsey did not offer a refund for the millions of dollars he has made on his error-laden book.

These so-called ministers of the Gospel of Christ are anything but. They preach judgment, condemnation and an unholy mixture of grace and works. They proclaim guilt to the guiltless.

But here ladies and gentlemen is the good news: God’s unmerited favor is complete and without the need of qualification. If you are a human being than you qualify for its efficacy. No prayer is needed, no donations necessary, no adhering to some “word of God”, or respect to some high and mighty merchant of death. And that is just what they are selling, death. As the Bible declares in Romans, their mouths have become vessels of death.

Wholeness does not come from a “Godly” walk. Wholeness comes from the Man Who walked on water, and it is free of charge. His delivery service is better than FedEx. You don’t have to sign for it or pray to receive it. It’s not next day, it is immediate and eternal. His wholeness is forever and ever-present in your life, no matter how you feel, no matter what you look like, no matter what your bank account says, and no matter what Creflo, Hal, etc. think of you. It only makes a difference what He thinks.

So, rejoice and revel in your wholeness. And if you’re not feeling particularly whole, contemplate these words each day and see if your perspective doesn’t begin to be transformed. This is what the Bible calls salvation.

Yours for a Peaceful and Sane Existence,

Glenn Klein