It’s a revolution. As far as we know, for the first time in history there is an ongoing effort to articulate the oneness of the human species with a logical, historically-based case for why we all are one.

Can an argument be made that Jesus is the most important figure to ever walk the face of the earth? We think so. His presence and the resulting effect of His earthly appearance has been the source for more blessings and curses than anyone else you could name. But did He come to bring a sword or be the Prince of Peace? The Bible says both.

Jesus provided tremendous blessings to His followers. He fed them. He paid their taxes. He provided their wine. He was their friend and said He loved them. Then He seemed to abandon them in what appeared to be a move of martyrdom. He then reemerged on the scene and showed them greatest comeback in world history. He came back from the dead.

His name has been used for mass slaughter and for benevolence that could only be termed saintly. And history is replete with the evidence of the ebb and flow of misdeeds and philanthropy all done because Jesus Christ existed.

And now when we’re in a worldwide war against radical Islamists who clearly want to limit freedom to the extreme (especially for women and anyone that does not agree with their take on the Koran), could we be involved in the chapter in affairs of humankind that provides the answer to why freedom was provided for and from Whom it flows?

We think so.

What a tragedy it would be if fundamental Islam was defeated only to be replaced by fundamental Christianity or Judaism. They’re kissing cousins. And just like all relatives they came from the same gene pool. The vacuum of legalistic, dictatorial religion must not be filled with more of the same.

To paraphrase an old song, “what the world needs now is love, sweet love. That’s the only thing that the world is searching for.” And, again, for the first time that we know of there is an organized effort springing out of an understanding of this most important man, Jesus. Even the disciples that lived with Him here, and penned the work of genius we call the Bible, didn’t fully grasp what He had done. They went to their graves wrestling with how to work out the work of the Cross in a religious, institutional context. They did not succeed because it can’t be done. It’s a vain attempt to put old wine in a new wine skin.

But just like the brilliant men who wrote that “all men are created equal” and then went on to enslave their fellow man, the disciples and many who came after them laid the foundation for the understanding and manifestation of freedom for African-Americans, women, gay people, and all the rest without living it out.

Ladies and gentlemen, this Gospel Revolution is the spiritual equivalent to the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage, the removal of child sweatshops, and the gay rights movement. Except ours is fighting and ultimately will be the vehicle for the most freedom ever realized by EVERY race, group, and individual.

We boldly proclaim everyone ONE with a very positive and historically persuading story that encourages people to not judge themselves or anyone else as estranged from God. It paints Jesus in a way Michel Angelo could never have approached. Here is this most famous man, Who said He was God, Whose life was prophesied to take down the wall of partition between sinful man and a Holy God and between a race of people (Israel) and the rest of the world (the Gentiles). There are no other groups that need bringing together.

Jew/Gentile. Male/Female. Bond/Free. Is there anybody else out there? No.

Every so often a group of people are brought together to do something profound. We believe we all have been brought together for such a time as this. Could you imagine a world where the mentality and revelation of the gospel revolution permeated the earth? Peoples, nations would give each other slack. Their animist for each other would dissipate. They would be able to actually hang in there and talk through whatever issues arise to try to cause schism as they do in any relationship: international, business, personnel, familial because they would know we’re all going to end up living in eternity together anyway. So, why not try to start to work it out here?

This is an effort that will far outlive us. But we’re doing it now! And we hope you’re involved. And because we believe that we’re working at something so big, so powerful, and so beneficial to the human condition, we have absolutely no problem asking for you to get in there and help us fight this good fight.


1. Make regular trips to to stay posted as to what is happening. Tell people about the web site.
2. Make regular financial contributions to the effort.
3. Order tapes. Pass them on to others.
4. Invite Mike to speak to your group whether small, medium or large.
5. Stay open to inspiration to how to help promote this message that not only are all men and women created equal but that they have equally been redeemed by Him Who created them.

This is worth your time and treasure. It’s better than golf, TV, and novel reading-not that there’s anything wrong with those things at all. Jesus is Lord. It was for freedom that He set us free. So, enjoy it, love it, live it. Now let’s continue the momentum in getting the word out and see where it takes us.

Communicating the ultimate love,

Glenn Klein