In the Middle Ages, Churches used art filled leadlight windows to depict their gospel in picture form. They covered the stations of the cross and various parables (common was a window using a picture of Jesus with a lamb in His arms – the priest would use this window to tell the parable of Jesus leaving the 99 to find the one lost sheep.
Types and shadows in the Old Testament filled the same function. Pictures in everyday Israeli life pointed to a coming messiah.
There are endless magnificent pictures of a coming messiah in the OT, which are only realised in the NT.  The Passover lamb, the rock that Moses struck that produced water, the elements of Solomon’s temple, Yom Kippur, the sacrifices and offerings, the Ark of the covenant, the Priests functions and clothing; the list is endless.A stunning example is when in Joshua 3:16, in order for the Children of Israel to pass over into what had been promised them, te waters rolled back to the city of “Adam”, just as centuries later, Christ’s redemptive work rolled the effects of sin all the way back to Adam. Let them who have ears, and all that.