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This is a hidden page and is not available to the public. I have invited key players in the Gospel Revolution to participate with a view of gathering your comments and observations for this book which I located on the web.
I have spoken with David Anderson the author, who also supplied me with a hard copy of the case against James found here. Between the two books, there is a host of evidence, which makes it all but impossible to ignore the fact that there were two gospels being preached in the New Testament, and they were not friendly to each other, by a long chalk. As with the case against James, I’m going to ask you to feel very free to add in the comments section beneath this article any observations and/or suggestions. I am making available both the word doc version and a PDF version of both books on the relevant pages. If you see a chapter heading you like, and want to 0 in on that, by all means do. These two books along with other research will form the basis of my new book, Two Views Of The Good News.

01 Introduction
02 Chapter 1 Grace And “The Other Gospel”
03 Chapter 2 The Start Of It All
04 Chapter 3 Growth Unprecedented
05 Chapter 4 Trouble Within The Jerusalem Church
07 Chapter 6 Enter, James The Brother Of Jesus
08 Chapter 7 Deliverance To The Nations
09 Chapter 8 Showdown In Jerusaleml”
10 Chapter 9 Law Gives Way To Grace”
11 Chapter 10 Paul Returns To Jerusalem”
12 Chapter 11 The Final Outcome
13 Chapter 12 And The Church Goes On
14 Appendix
15 Word Doc of original book
16 PDF of original book.
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