Imagine trying to overflow the Pacific Ocean with an eyedropper. It is much more likely to cause a massive worldwide flood the likes that have not been seen since Noah than to please Almighty God with our actions, attitudes, or thoughts.

Why? Because likes His oceans, His pleasure has already been totally filled up by Jesus. Jesus already paid ALL YOUR DEBT to Dad.

Trying to continually pay a bill that has already been paid is, to put it bluntly, nuts. No matter how much you’d pay, you’d go broke trying and never get there. Trying to please God is the same. And many people who have had a real encounter with Christ have become financially, emotionally, mentally, and morally bankrupt in an attempt to pay back something that has already been paid in full.

I received another e-mail today from an author that purportedly believes in the “reconciliation of all”. It was filled with yet another exhortation to be “better”, to be more fervent in believing and action.

It’s always amazing to me that people, who say they believe that the blood of Christ covers all sin, and makes the way to eternal peace with God for everyone, could possibly believe that God somehow smiles or frowns on certain human endeavor. And that somehow God demands a certain level of “righteous” behavior from us humans when our most righteous deeds, apart from Christ, are considered filthy rags to the Lord.

God is not impressed or distressed about anything about you. He WAS seriously bummed at all of us because of ADAM. And now He is totally psyched about us all because of JESUS.

Let’s not insult the work of the cross by lowering God’s standards to something we could possibly produce or resist.

God’s standard, already met in Christ, is perfection. So, chill out (and receive the heat of God’s total love for you). Enjoy your eternal Sabbath rest.