What, among other things, does the Gospel Revolution (faith in Jesus’ successful feat of making every human being righteous before God) do to one’s soul?

It (He) makes you see everyone as equal in the eyes of God.

This is very healthy emotionally and psychologically. After all, the Bible says that salvation (as opposed to redemption) is the cleansing or renewing of the mind.

When a human being sees everyone else as already righteous, one’s natural response is to reach out to them with love and without judging their place in God or eternity. God’s love manifested in your heart may cause you to desire to touch more lives. Not just with the actual message of the Gospel but also with whatever that particular individual needs at the time. Most of our contact with other humans is momentary. They may need a smile, a kind word, or being let in front of you in traffic. In other words, they need to be touched with the love of God.

Who doesn’t need that?

We all need it.

Phil Jackson, the nine-time NBA Champion and future Hall of Fame Basketball Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers who calls himself a Zen Christian, chronicles the importance of “touches” in his best selling book “Sacred Hoops”. Jackson says in basketball, as in life, the more touches one participates in the happier and “successful” we will be (no matter how you define success).

And when one has had his or her soul converted by this Gospel Revolution we share, one can feel free to touch more lives because our effort in “converting” people (and their response to our effort) ceases to be in any way shape or form used to judge us or them.

Jesus was already judged, first guilty then guiltless – kind of like the humanity He redeemed.

Praise HIS Holy Name!

Communicating Love,

Glenn Klein