Dear Lovers of the Loving God,
Would someone please explain the difference between al Qaeda’s philosophy of works towards redemption and Evangelical Christianity’s approach? Extreme Islam may allow for jihad, the killing of infidels in promoting their kingdom, but how many souls have been literally and figuratively killed in the history of Christianity? Definitely more than in the sordid history of Islam.

Which is worse/better is not the point. Any perspective that finds righteousness in the actions of human beings always ends up the same way, in death. Remember, the law is the law of sin and DEATH. The Old Testament ended in death, too. Jesus’ cross was the culmination of thousands of years of Israel living under the law, righteousness by works and animal sacrifices. It was the death of God’s Son that led to LIFE FOR ALL, a free gift of love without ANY conditions.

No belief needed. No walk of holiness. No speaking in tongues, handling snakes, or flying airplanes into buildings. The eternal peace with God that the human heart cries out for was determined, the Bible says, before the foundations of the Earth. This is when Christ was crucified in the mind of the Father.

How important is this message of this Gospel? Well, let me put it this way. Can you imagine any more destructive approach to life than the opposite of this Good News? Has there ever been more people abused, tortured, massacred for any other reason than one group of humans seeing themselves as more righteous in God’s sight than an other?

Now can you imagine the thought of equal righteousness, equal standing with the Almighty permeating the Earth? We would see a dramatic shift in how the world’s affairs manifest themselves, wouldn’t we?

Now that is THE difference.

It is a pleasure sharing this journey and salvation with you. Let us keep it going.


Glenn Klein for MWM