Greetings from the communicators of love, the unconditional love of God for all humanity through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.

Last night I was watching “The Church Channel” and a particular “spirit-filled” preacher I used to enjoy was speaking from his North Carolina ministry. It shocked me how contrived his message was and that I could have ever adhered to his teachings. Nonetheless I continued watching. And as with most evangelical messages, eventually he wove his way into the big lie of religion, that a big change in the earth was coming, based on the actions of the church. “The next wave of revival. A new reformation. A move of God not seen since the book of Acts.” Yada, Yada, Yada.

This is how religious taskmasters always keep their minions in check.

The big lie.

Something big is coming just around the bend. It’s always a promise of something in the future that is dependent on the “righteous” deeds of the flock. A healing, a revival, a financial break-through, marital reconciliation, and ultimately an eternal torment to be shunned and a forever peace with the Almighty to be gained are all held out like the proverbial carrot and the stick. So, no matter how long it may take, no matter how much frustration sets in, no matter how much religious hypocrisy is witnessed, no matter how much historical and biblical evidence and common sense indicates the opposite of what is being preached, followers continue to follow just in case the leader might be right.

What if one more prayer brings healing, what if giving one more dollar produces wealth, what if one more day of fasting brings my husband to his senses? What if you need to believe and/or act a certain way in order to stay out of the burning flames of hell? They stay, continue to attend and give because of one powerful motivating factor: fear. But I thought perfect love (Jesus) was supposed to cast out all fear? Hence, the big lie, that one’s spiritual and God-given future is dependent on your future performance, not on the award winning past performance of Jesus.

What is this award? It is the title of “Lord of ALL” and the adoration and worship of ALL humanity throughout eternity. He tore down the wall of partition between a righteous God and a sinful humanity and the wall that existed between the only two groups that existed in God’s economy, Israel (or the Jews) and the Gentiles (or the rest of the world). Now there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, bond nor free. In other words, in God’s eyes, we are ALL one in the Messiah.

This knowledge (“the Big Truth” if you will), unlike “the big lie”, does not produce fear. Love surfaces, a love for all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, actions, or economic status. Perfect love, the true gospel of Jesus Christ, does cast all out fear of retribution from God. Because one realizes that ALL His retribution was meted out at the cross on His Son. Fear no longer motivates. And what is left can be a wonderful sense of God’s love, omnipotence, and freedom.

Quite a revolution in thinking, isn’t it?

Have a great weekend,

Glenn Klein
For Mike Williams Media