From the NY Times: “The Vatican announced Thursday that it is cracking down on priests who have become too free in granting group absolution to sinners, or have otherwise become lax confessors”.

Isn’t it amazing they used the term “too free”? Is anybody too free? Wasn’t it for freedom that Christ set us free, especially the freedom to not have to work for absolution from sin? Perhaps the Pope should crack down on the priests who abuse their office and religious authority to prey on spiritually hungry people. All these victims of religious abuse yearn for is to please a God that is already totally pleased with them through Christ. What a crime it is to have religious leaders take advantage emotionally, financially, socially, and sexually of people Jesus died for. But at some level, they all do.

The Times’ story continued. “Pope John Paul II called for the changes in an apostolic letter, which also said, ‘It is clear that penitents living in a habitual state of serious sin and who do intend to change their situation cannot validly receive absolution'”.

Serious sin? I guess it’s okay with Catholicism to engage in sin if it’s not too serious.

The inconsistency, illogic, and hypocrisy continue to shine through the Roman Catholic Church and all their legalistic, bondage-producing brethren in the other churches.

We here at and Mike Williams Media are happy to proclaim “Jesus is Lord” over sin (even the serious kind), the devil, our own misunderstandings of the Bible and theology, the idiocy known as religion, and any attempt to “live” holy. Only Christ makes us holy and acceptable to the Father. No amount of good works, prayer, and/or proper believing and doctrinal interpretation changes that. Even (or perhaps especially) by the Pope.

Jesus died for the sin (ALL THE SIN) of the world (ALL OF THE WORLD AND ITS INHABITANTS).

Praise HIS Holy Name!
Communicating Love (which is Christ),