Resurrection Introspection

Resurrection Introspection

If you do not know WHY you believe that Jesus rose again, then what’s the point of believing it? In fact, what’s the point in believing ANYTHING AT ALL???
Many folks come out of religion and just keep going, mostly glad to be out of all the manipulation and control. That’s generally because they never believed much at all in the first place. But just once, settle the irrefutable...    see more >>

Five Things That Changed at The Cross #4

As Mike Williams says in this episode of the Gospel Revolution Powercast, “Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it gets even better!”  Continuing in the “A Lot’s Changed!” series, Mike and Beres continue with the fifth and final point of what changed at the cross.  We got to hear back from our friend Danny Rogers and also heard from Bob Hines, author...    see more >>

Five Things That Changed at The Cross #3

This week, we have one of the most powerful Powercasts to date!  Mike Williams and Beres Bartlett start off the show by commenting on an email sent to us by Danny Rogers regarding God and us being one.  This quickly leads into a full-fledged Bible study in the change “from glory to glory” and is virtually action-packed (if a Bible study can be such a thing) with the demonstration of...    see more >>