Image of God, The


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Mike Williams, founder of, takes you on a journey
through Scripture in the Old Testament and the Gospels and Pauls letters in the New Testament of the creation of man and the new creation.

In a little over 6 hours, Mike shows how man was created in the image and likeness of God. The entire dynamic which resulted in the fall of man including the actual temptation is established. Mike also compares the commandment of not creating any graven image because it corrupts and then posits the possibility that God could have corrupted himself.

Mike also establishes that the Scriptures are not about man (you, me, us) but exclusively about Jesus and reveals the unique nature of Jesus perspective in all the recorded teachings and statements he made.

The new creation is then introduced and the last generation of man is identified. The new creation, which is in Christ, is raised to life a new creature that is equal to and one with God.


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