Does Paul in Thessalonians teach that Jesus is returning? ,,, or HAS ALREADY returned? Hmmm! I wonder!

“Move aside coffee, this is a job for alcohol!!!” Hang about … what was THAT?

In this podcast we answer several questions from previous podcasts, respond to a demand for answers or else (LoL), revisit what the scriptures actually are (Can you trust Jesus over your own traditions on this ?), touch briefly on Preterism, review the Spring 2018 Calgary Conference, address some mistranslations that have set Christianity back several centuries. Contributors were Davis Freeman, Moses Ngata, Danny Rouse, Danny Miniskanians, Adrianne, John, Kent Lindsay, Darrel Scrivens, Girma Colston, Michael Turi. and naturally Michael Lilborn Williams and Donald (Beres) Bartlett.

Gospel Revolution
Gospel Revolution
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