Been pondering today how you make “Jesus Lord” when He is ALREADY Lord of both the living and the dead ?? Rom 14:9…. If you can make Him Lord then doesn’t that really make you the lord?

Hebrews 7:7 makes an interesting statement, the corollary of which is that blessings or favors ALWAYS flow from the greater to the lesser and not vive versa. A slave / servant can NEVER make a Lord a Lord. (Think medieval times) A Lord must always be made a Lord from an individual greater than himself. Hence; make Jesus lord of your life??? Pshaw!

The source of this “making someone else a Lord” business, was best ubderstood in an agrarian society where it took many slaves / serfs / workers to sustain each individual priveleged lifestyle. In the UK the Laird oif the land was the ultimate property owner who was often granted that right by a kings decree as payment for battle services rendered. Thus, when a King returned following a successful battle, he would thusly reward his most effective knights. Thus a Lord was created – that is to say, a duke, or someone with the Title “Lord”. The fallacy in the modern christian sense is simply this; ONLY A KING CAN CREATE A LORD! There was NEVER a Lord created in all recorded history who was declared to be a Lord by the workers. A king, possibly, but never a Lord.