In the light of the freedom that this Gospel provides, we often get asked about prayer. Well, like every other human activity our advise is to follow your own heart. If it makes sense to you, and brings you a level of peace, pleasure, and/or enjoyment, pray away. There should be no judgment coming from anyone. Certainly God does not judge your prayer, because ALL His judgment was poured out “on the day of the Lord” at the Cross. What kind of effect it will have, we don’t know.

We do know this, God does not favor those that engage in prayer. The favor of God has already been established once and forever because of the prayer of Jesus Christ, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

The Father answered “Yes” to Jesus on that fateful day in Jerusalem, and thank God He did. And for me that is my constant mindset regarding praying “without ceasing”.

“Thank God” is my forever declaration! Thank God for life, and liberty, and the revelation of Jesus as Savior of the WHOLE WORLD. Thank God for family and friends and fun. Thank God for the simplicity and depth of the Gospel. Thank God for the mystery of the universe with all its complications, questions, and concerns. Thank God for the forgiveness of sin and the redemption of the entire race of humanity.

And that my friends, as best as I can see, is a great place to begin and end on prayer. Thanking God keeps me focused on nothing save “Christ and Christ crucified” and all the blessings that flow from that fantastic understanding.

So, on this Thanksgiving as we gather around our table my prayer will be as it always is, “Thank You God!”

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Have a wonderful week,
Glenn Klein