Dear Beautifully Redeemed Humans,

Many times on the Web Cast offering known as Glenn Klein Online, we have heard Michael utter something in a certain way that he had never quite thought of in those terms before or had never said in quite that way. Last week was another ones of those inspired, spontaneous moments.

The guys were talking about dealing with family members who are still stuck in a behavior-based religious paradigm. Then Michael said, “when a spouse or family member receives the Gospel it allows them to allow their spouse or family to be freed to be a legalist”.

You would be amazed how many questions and comments we get from people who realize their own relational mistakes prior to the Gospel taking hold. About her sister who is a Lesbian one woman said, “I was so judgmental and hateful toward my sister and her partner”. We receive many notes from people who have been set free and are still dealing with their religious relatives or friends. One young man wrote, “If I can’t convince them here, I’ll get say ‘I told you so’ in heaven”.

One of the wonderful things that this Gospel does is tear down walls. Remember, the Bible says the wall or partition between the Jewish and Gentile peoples was eliminated. And the curtain in the Holy of Holies that had separated humanity from the presence of the Almighty was torn in two, signaling that God and humanity are one. So, no matter what the current dynamic of your relationship is with a loved one or a group of folks, “what God has put together, let no man put asunder.” This reference was not about human marriage, but about the eternal betrothal of Jesus as Bridegroom and all of us as His Bride.

So, whether it be on this side of eternity or the other, rest well in the knowledge that everyone will rejoice in the oneness that is Christ when all is said and done. Now that will be a wedding party for the ages.