Dear Lovers of Freedom and the Gospel,

Have you ever noticed that the more the reality of the Gospel settles in your heart, the more freedom ascends in your thinking and practice?

For it was freedom that Christ set you free!

How wonderful it is to experience the Light of acceptance for all human beings from God. There are many parallels between all religious perspectives. But almost by definition, if one “belongs” to a religion (as opposed to belonging to God), one must almost surely think that their religion is superior to all others. Why else would one belong if he or she didn’t think it best?

But when the Holy Spirit of the Gospel has His way, who once seemed heinous to you is now accepted by God, cleansed of his or her sins, and en route to spend eternity with you and the Almighty in Heaven at peace. It’s so good for your heart to see other folks in this Light. And we know this way of looking at things is revolutionary, but that’s why it’s a Gospel Revolution!

It’s not that you’re going to agree, like, embrace, or understand everyone else’s actions. We don’t even like all of our own actions and behavior. How could we for everyone or anyone else? But your heart CAN be somehow transformed into one that sees things more from God’s vantagepoint by meditating on the Way of the Lord. And isn’t that a blessing? Having more of an eternal viewpoint seems more beneficial than seeing things so temporal, doesn’t it?

We’re not denying that this temporal state doesn’t exist or impact us. It’s just that we’ve found getting through it more positively is easier when we see things more from God’s arena that just from our own.

Jesus was tortured, suffered, and ultimately sacrificed Himself to repair the breach between God and humankind. It seems superfluous and frankly arrogant to be tormented, like so many Christians are, about the ultimate destination of others, when Jesus already was.

So as the annual celebration of the birth of the Savior of the whole World ensues, let us celebrate all humans oneness with He Who created them for this purpose.

Communicating the Love of God that takes away all fear,

Glenn Klein
For Mike Williams Media

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