President Bush has popularized the phrase “axis of evil” in referring to the link of terror between Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.

Christopher Hitchens, the British columnist well known for his biting criticism of the powerful, recently redefined the “axis of evil”. Hitchens named his evil triumvirate as “Christianity, Judaism,
And Islam”.

Allow me to be the next to concur.

Any philosophy or religion that promotes human activities as somehow affecting our righteousness before God is evil and worthy of condemnation. And by its very definition is anti-Christ.

The three monotheistic religions have all committed genocide in the name of the God of Abraham. Judaism was first anointed and directed by God to do so. (See your Old Testament.) Then came Christianity with its crusades, inquisitions, pogroms, and final solution all done for “the glory of Christ”. Finally, Islam’s Jihad (Holy War) has now manifested itself in kids blowing themselves up at the Passover dinner celebrating a famous “massacre” in Egypt by the God of the Israelites.


Is there any doubt that more misery has been visited on the earth through the influence of these three religions than any three of anything in the history of humanity? I know “good” has also come from all three. Even Hitler kept the trains running on time.

But what if there was a stream of thought that declared all human beings to be righteous before the same God that inspired death and destruction? What if God Himself paid the penalty for all the carnage and sinfulness? Would people be so anxious to kill themselves and each other if they believed it would not benefit them one iota before their Creator? I think not.

The gospel of Jesus Christ, not the gospel of greed or control or guilt or fear, is the solution to the mental illness–the axis of evil–known as religion.

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