Fool’s Gold Gospel, 2

This video is part two of the Fraud God’s Fool’s Gold Gospel. This episode looks at religion being cultic.

Fool’s Gold Gospel 1

In this video, Java Joe tells the difference between the Fool’s Gold Gospel and the true Golden Gospel.

The Bloodthirsty Gospel

Did Jesus really die to send most of humanity to hell? (This video was produced by Terry Youngblood)

Having Severe Red Butt

It’s disconcerting when people disparage God as being a mass murder when they’re ignorant of the historical context. Let’s get that straight so we can focus on loving each other.

In All Things, Love

In All Things, Love. There’s a saying that goes something like this: “In essential things unity, in non-essential things liberty, in all things love.” There are thousands of denominations that can’t agree on what is essential in the Christian religion. Therefore, Christianity isn’t unified.

The Tower of Bull Sugar

The Tower of Bull Sugar represents Christianity’s gospel. Bull Sugar aptly describes a gospel that says, “God loves you, but will make you suffer in hell forever for rejecting his love.”

Janus: The Two-Faced God

Gods like Janus have personalities disorders. One religion claims its god is a god of love as it throws living people into hell to suffer forever. Oh, the insanity!


Apostolic Sucksession

This video is about the beginnings of Apostolic Succession and the fake gospel of works plus grace that’s found along side of the true gospel of love.