Five Things Terminated At The Cross

There were at least 5 things that were terminated at the cross. Mind you, they were all distinctly Jewish in application, so if you are not a Jew, then they never DID apply to you anyway.

(1) Sacrifices; Jesus became our sacrifice.

(2) Circumcision; Jesus became our circumcision.

(3) Offerings; Jesus became our offering, and

(4) Tithing; Jesus became our tithe. In ALL of these matters, sanctification...    see more >>

Why Modern Christianity Makes People Vomit

MARCH 8, 2016 by Chris Kratzer

Reproduced with permission.

It’s not a new revelation that modern Christianity is on the decline, especially the American brand. There are growing numbers of good, thinking people who are vomiting out the spiritual elitism, arrogance, and religiosity that oozes out of the pores of countless Christians and their church culture. Yet sadly, as many that yell “fire”...    see more >>

Types & Shadows

By Gary Ruehling

What are shadows and types? If you look for christ hidden in the scriptures you will have fun reading the word because old and new………… all points to christ. I hope you enjoy this read…………..pretty cool….

A “Type” then is some “person,” or “event,” or “ceremony” that is recorded...    see more >>

Six Questions

I found this several years ago. It is from the pen of Dr. Daniel Amen, and has helped me in my quest for distinguishing truth from untruth. When I apply these questions to something I am contemplating, it becomes much simpler to sort out my thoughts.

(1) Is this thought true?

(2) Can I absolutely KNOW that this thought is true?

(3) How do I feel when I believe this thought?

(4) Who / What / How would...    see more >>

Universalism – The Prevailing Doctrine Of The Christian Church During Its First Five Hundred Years


The Prevailing Doctrine

Of The Christian Church During Its First Five Hundred Years

(and showing the influence of Greek Mythology and pagan philisophy on Christian Doctrine)

With Authorities and Extracts

–I Corinthians xv. 28

Boston and Chicago
Universalist Publishing House

Put into electronic format by Glade Swope in 1999 for the benefit of all mankind.

Universalist Publishing...    see more >>