There were at least 5 things that were terminated at the cross. Mind you, they were all distinctly Jewish in application, so if you are not a Jew, then they never DID apply to you anyway.

(1) Sacrifices; Jesus became our sacrifice.

(2) Circumcision; Jesus became our circumcision.

(3) Offerings; Jesus became our offering, and

(4) Tithing; Jesus became our tithe. In ALL of these matters, sanctification was a key component.

(5) Sabbath keeping: Jesus became for us, our sabbath, our rest.

All of these preceded Judaism, and they all terminated at the cross.

In all of these things, a small part was “cut off” in order to set apart (sanctify – holify – righeousify) the whole. Jesus was cut off from the land of the living to sanctify the whole… us!