Dear Believers of the Gospel,

Recently an old associate of mine who lives in the U.K. came across my web site and listened to some of our Archived Webcasts. I had known him “back in the day” of religion and legalism. I had done my best to try to “get him saved”.

Thank God he resisted my efforts and never got sucked into the morass of what so many of us have had to extricate ourselves from. In any case, my British friend knew that I had “gotten out”, and yet he was surprised that I was still so into the “God thing”, as he put it.

As I explained to him that after thoroughly studying the Bible (to the extent of researching it in its original languages) and being so positively influenced by Mike’s teachings, that my belief in a loving Creator had been even more reinforced over the last decade.

In American football when there is a controversial call by the officials, they will take time out and review the play on video tape. And then after looking at it in slow motion, the referee will announce to the waiting crowd “after further review…” and then he will proclaim his ruling.

Well, as I responded to my friend from England, I felt like one of those officials who “after further review” decided that God was even more real to me now than at anytime when I was trying to live a “Christian life”.

Now I believe in a consistent God, One Who does not eternally favor one person over another. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is covered by the all-cleansing blood of Calvary’s Cross. I know it is a revolutionary idea to consider that God is not a respecter of persons, that male and female, Jew and Gentile, free and slave, believer or unbeliever are all equal in His eyes. But that’s what the Bible says. And although religion disagrees, I’m reminded of another Biblical admonition, “God’s ways are not our ways.”

Seeing it His Way,

Glenn Klein