True Gospel Eschatology

In this Gospel Revolution Powercast, we start off with “The Kenyan Corner.” Moses Ngata, the President of the Gospel Revolution School of the Scriptures in Nakuru, Kenya asked this week’s question in an email. Moses asked if quoting scripture to the devil (as taught by some Christian sects) is the proper way to deal with the devil. We also had an email from Daz in Kelowna, BC and...    see more >>

God Believes in You

In this debut episode of the new Gospel Revolution Powercast, producer and host Beres Bartlett presents an ensemble of guests and gospel music for a full hour of gospel power. Our guests start no less than with the President and Founder of the Gospel Revolution Mike Williams. Mike is accompanied by James Oliver of Kelowna, British Columbia, Glenn Klein of Tampa, Florida, George and Bonnie Howell...    see more >>