It is a True Gospel Revolution


Recently, I have been addressing an article written by Dr James Richards of Impact ministries, Huntsville, Alabama. While I have been at a loss as to just why Jim published this now, 20 years since I last saw him, it has presented itself as a really good teaching tool.

Jim lets everyone know, 20 years after the fact, that I, Michael Williams, have been “biblically” shunned!

Over the

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The Testimony of God

“Experiences in life can carry a stern warning or a “wake-up call”, but just because we can connect some dots or learn something in the process does not merit the situation to have to take-on the “spiritual voodoo hyperbole” of “it happened for a reason.”

I just quoted myself. Is that allowed? Yep that is a quote from an article I wrote January 24, 2012 titled “Everything

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“The Greatest” Flight

Muhammed Ali

It was the early 1980s.

The sad thing is I should be able to give the exact date and time it happened because Mohammad Ali signed my boarding pass stub on a flight in first class from Chicago to L.A.

The flight is also connected to my very first visit to Hawaii, a place I treasure.

One of Norvell Hayes’ friends was a travel agent and wanted to impress Norvell. So, the guy got me the first class

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The Importance of Acknowledging a Once-Angry God

Mike Williams - President & Founder of Mike Williams Ministries & Gospel Revolution

Mike Williams – President & Founder of Mike Williams Ministries & Gospel Revolution

Did God ever repent, change his mind? Were his thoughts and emotions positively impacted by the successful mission of Christ? Are yours? Are mine? The answer to all of the above is a resounding “YES”!

Is it possible our collective intellect, will, and emotions are more like the Creator’s than we have ever imagined? Do we learn and grow in a similar way as he did?

In my case, as I’ve conveyed

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Wow! What a year 2015 was! First I would like to thank all of you who supported the Gospel Revolution during this past year. It was indeed a banner year because of you! Your monthly support kept us alive and your one-time gifts in each pledge drive are the boost we need every quarter to finish the task.

This last year we also experienced a measurable increase in understanding

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