Did the early Apostles consider their writings to be scripture?

There are several levels on which this may be challenged; that is to say, the claim that the early apostles actually believed that their writings, in any way, rose to the same level of the Old Testament Scriptures. (a) The earliest church fathers and in particular, the first acknowledged church historisan, Eusebius, holds this epistle, 2 peter, to be a forgery. (b) When paul asked Timothy

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Every 500 Years, a Reformation!

Since the inception of Christianity, every half millennium, we have seen a reformation.

About 500 years after the death of the Apostles, we saw the completion of the evolution of the Church from a charismatic, vibrant, alive, Greek influenced organism, to an institutionalized, dead, Latin thinking organization.

500 years later we saw the Great Schism where the eastern and western wings of Institutionalized

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Grace is NOT Unmerited favour

I know that to say that grace is NOT unmerited favour, flies in the face of popular Christian doctrine, but let’s examine this for a moment. The Scriptures state (Ps 138:6 NKJ) that, Though the Lord is on high, Yet He regards the lowly; But the proud He knows from afar. And again, (Prov 3:34 NKJ) Surely He scorns the scornful, But gives grace to the humble.

James quotes this Scripture

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Only A King Can Create A Lord.

Been pondering today how you make “Jesus Lord” when He is ALREADY Lord of both the living and the dead ?? Rom 14:9…. If you can make Him Lord then doesn’t that really make you the lord?

ANSWER; Hebrews 7:7 makes an interesting statement, the corollary of which is that blessings or favors ALWAYS flow from the greater to the lesser and

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The Old Always Persecutes The New

Here is a seeming spiritual law. Not that it itself is so much a spiritual thing as a human thing. Let’s call it a law of human behaviour which excels in a religious atmosphere. Here it is. “The old will ALWAYS persecute the new.” That is NOT a maybe. That should always be a given. Judaism persecuted those they could not reconvert; the same may be said of Roman Catholicism, Protestantism

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